About the mobilization process

The mobilization process that starts in the spring of 2023 is a offer to actors who plan to apply to run programme within Impact innovation. The purpose is to set the framework for what is expected of the future programs and to provide opportunities to develop program ideas and actor networks.

Impact innovation gathers the actors needed to accelerate the sustainable transition and increase Sweden’s global competitiveness. In order to achieve competitive programme and the required actor networks, the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas and Vinnova offer a mobilization process for those who plan to apply in the program announcement that opens on March 7.

The mobilization process must primarily provide guidance. The big job of engaging actors and developing program ideas is done by the actors themselves.

Mobilization process shall contribute to:

  • Networking
  • Learning and dialogues
  • Establishment of new working methods linked to, among other things, mission and system innovation

Mobilization conferences in Stockholm, Umeå and Malmö

Mobilization conferences are organized in different places and times, but the content is the same. The conferences mark the start of the mobilization process and are aimed at actors who are interested in being part of the work to design proposal about programme and program offices for Impact Innovation. At the conference, the program announcement is presented and the participants have the opportunity to meet other actors with an interest in Impact innovation.

Choose the location that suits you best:

  • March 7 in Stockholm, Local: Fotografiska at 11.30-16.30 (in connection with the inauguration of Impact Innovation)
    Link to registration
  • March 14 in Umeå, Local: Clarion Hotel, Storgatan 36, at 10.00-14.00
    Link to registration
  • March 20 in Malmö, Local: Media Evolution, Stora Varvsgatan 6a, at 11.30-16.00
    Link to registration

I Stockholm, the mobilization conference takes place in connection with the inauguration of Impact innovation on March 7, when the program announcement opens. It is fine to follow the inauguration digitally and then attend the conferences on the later dates.

Impact dialogue in Stockholm

“Impact dialogue” is aimed at actors who have decided to participate in the design of proposal for support for program offices. It is an opportunity for the participants to raise challenges and get involved with actors who are relevant to the social challenge they want to work on. Participants are given the opportunity to interact with each other and share perspectives and visions.

The number of places is limited and we see great value in having a good mix of actors in the room. More information on expression of interest to come.

Impact lab in Stockholm and digitally

Impact lab is for the participants to get inspiration for new ways of working and methods for a successful proposal and program implementation. The participants get to practically test methods and models in collaboration with other projects project. The lab is aimed at actors who intend to apply in the program announcement and more specifically at the people who lead the work on designing proposal.

The number of places is limited and we see great value in having a good mix of actors in the room. More information about expression of interest to come.