Opportunity to present your program initiative

As part of the mobilization process, actors who work with applications in the program announcement are offered to present their program idea and contact details. The idea is that the publication should provide an overview of ongoing initiatives and facilitate contacts between actors.

The offer to present your initiative applies to both approved preparatory projects and other ongoing initiatives and program ideas. It will also be possible to use the website’s calendar to spread information about workshops and other events that facilitate mobilization.

Instruction for presentation of initiatives

Send us a text that contains the name of the initiative, a brief description of your program idea, which social challenge(s) your initiative will face and which actors are behind the initiative so far. Please attach a link to a web page with more information about your project if it exists. Max 2000 characters including spaces. Describe how interested actors can get in touch with you by specifying a contact person and contact details, e.g. email address.

Instruction for entering activity into the calendar

You who organize events or workshops in aim to strengthen your proposal have the opportunity to use the website’s calendar. Write a brief introduction to the activity, aim and who/whom it is aimed at. Date and time, place and registration. And don’t forget the contact person.

Send the information to info@impcatinnovation.se